Saturday, 29 November 2008

Is that santa?

Maybe Santa in disguise?
Not Quite...
Just Papa keeping us supplied with logs for the weekend

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Happy Tayberry Day

A few weeks ago I ordered myself a Tayberry plant and yesterday it arrived.
It is a cross between a raspberry & a blackberry... hopefully it will eventually look a little something like this...
I decided I wanted to plant it on Lil Miss E birthday as I cant be with her to celebrate...
Next summer when the fruits are ripe we will make some special Lil Miss E Jam.
Problem is the weather was miserable this morning so I had to patiently wait for a dry patch to get out and plant...

At last some sunshine especially for Lil Miss E. I will need to get back outside again soon and clear the rest of the weeds at the bottom of the garden and plant some more fruit bushes because I have orders for blackcurrant jam too.

Lil Miss E's Tayberry

Monday, 24 November 2008

Magic Moments!

Ok, So Papa's back was turned while he was creating his masterpiece of a fire.
And the minute it was...
Someone had been in the chocolate tin and left all the ones that no-one likes.
Papa was astounded and said "No way has someone eaten all those sweets and left no evidence!" So Papa and Luna set to work on finding the culprits.

And all they found were empty hidden sweet wrappers.

Oh well saves the extra pounds on our waistline Papa!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Home Fires burning

I have always wanted a real open fire in my living room because of the warm homely feel they give to a house and when we first moved into our little seaside cottage we were greeted with this hideous gas fire.

First thing I said was "That has got to come out!"
A few days later I returned home from shopping and the fire place looked like this.

Papa had arranged the old gas fire to be removed while I was out and to our amazement behind it was a fully working open fireplace... all it needed was a good clean up and a grate. A very kind neighbour supplied us with an old grate that they no longer needed so Papa got to work of getting the fire burning.

Then before we could get the marshmallows out we had a roaring fire going, perfect now the weather has turned chilly.

All we need now Papa is some chestnuts to roast.

Adding them to my shopping list as I speak!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Shared Breakfast At The Quay

Awww, I hear you say, cute little birdie.

Papa and I thought exactly the same until we opened our bag of breakfast.

The sea gulls watched us intensely.
Eyeing up our breakfast.
And as soon as Papa took his first bite they swarmed us like vultures.

I suppose it didn't help that Papa being a big softie kept throwing them pieces.
At one point he even said
"Shall we go and buy them a loaf of bread to share, hey must be hungry?"
Bless him, I cant help but love him.

And maybe the birds too,
after all they were quite funny to watch.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Sunrise in the Village

Early this morning I opened my back door to let Luna out and was greeted with a gorgeous early morning view.

I love the way the light falls on a sunny morning so I took my camera with me on my walk to the post office.

So many hills and steps in our village. Some of them quite Steep.

This is the hill we climb for school everyday. I am getting used to it now but the first few times I walked it I was so out of breath and was amazed at how the other mums practically sprinted their way up it without a care in the world. The Quay in the mornings is so tranquil, even on stormy days it has a peaceful atmosphere.

This is one of my favourite streets in the village.
I walk it everyday and always feel a sense of pleasure.
Its just so pretty.

I've added this pic because the house on the right is a house I would love to live in. I dont know what it is about it but I'm so drawn to it, especially the colour.

I just love fetching the morning papers.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.

Another Rainy day in the village.
And as everyone knows the heavens are guaranteed to open while we are on the school run
But who cares about a spot of rain...

Miss C certainly doesnt...
she embrasses nature at its best!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Granny crochet

I have been able to crochet from the age of about 11. A family friend taught me and I swear she must have had the patients of a saint because it really isnt easy to teach someone this craft, especially a child.

Anyway I'm not brilliant at it but I can crochet simple basic blankets and after a few years of not picking up my crochet hook I've recently made a start on a blanket for my sofa.
My grandaughter put the idea into my head because she likes blankets with holes to poke her fingers and toes through. I kept thinking to myself "I really should crochet Lil Miss E a blanket".

So the red blanket is really a bit of a practise run before I make lil miss E because I haven't done it for so long, but I didnt need to worry because crocheting came straight back to me as soon as I picked up that hook.

Then this morning I made a shock discovery. I was having a look through the latest Cath Kidston catalogue and I was flabbergasted to discover that they are selling granny square blankets at £85 each!
Gorgeous they may be but I could probally make myself one for a tenner!
So thats my next mission, crocheting lots of granny squares.

And this year hand making everyones crimbo pressies...aren't you all so lucky...hehehe!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Wacky Races

Master J must have super vision, either that or he could smell the burning rubber of go-carts.

Next thing we know J and Miss L are in their carts getting fired up for racing.

All we could do was stand and watch.
Anxious as to who will win.

Miss L starts off in the lead.
But Master J is having none of it and soon takes over.

Dropping his wallet as he sped past us,
We tried to warn L as she eagerly tried to gain first place.
But she couldnt hear our cry's.
The anticipation of the audience was too much.
J's wallet was Go Carted!

J recovered his wallet and a Great time was had by all.

Friday, 14 November 2008

The Village Rooftops

Since starting my blog I have become absolutely obsessed with taking photo's.

And as the weather has turned rather wintry there doesn't seem to be as many photo opportunities coming my way.

Anyway while I was picking up the kids from school I noticed how nice the village rooftops looked.

Even during the winter months they are picturesque and I love looking at them.

all wonky, charming and colourful, they make the school run such a joy.

Oh here comes Miss K...fresh off the school coach...
"Mum you are soooooo embarrassing, stop it with the constant photo mates might see you!"

Even Miss C who usually loves the camera wasn't too keen.

Oh well maybe enough is enough and I should calm down with the David Bailey act.
But hang on...
I think I might need some kind of self help group to be able to stop now.

Hello my name is Mama Syder and I'm addicted to my camera!


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