Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Snails and The 32nd Cornish Regiment of Foot Soldiers

Miss C has an obsession with snails and I must admit so did I when I was a kid, so Ive been giving her a few tips on how to care for them...like making sure they have plenty of air holes in the top of the jar and loads of vegetation that will.
  Fatten them up ready to cook for our supper.
  Only joking Kids...snails are a bit too crunchy for our liking, hehehe!

Anyway enough of me horrifying you all...over the weekend some soldiers came to visit the village.
 For all you fellow history Geeks they were part of The 32nd Cornish Regiment of Foot Soldiers, British Army (1808-1815).
  They took part in major conflicts including the battle of Waterloo, renowned for their Death Howl they took 647 men of all ranks into battle, at the end of the day there were 131 men left standing, they suffered the greatest loss of any regiment on that day.
  I love history and even in the pouring rain it was still good fun to watch them marching and shooting their guns up into the air. Papa and Miss C were much less impressed and I only managed to drag them along with the promise of ice cream.

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