Thursday, 30 October 2008

High School Musical 3

Half term holidays are here. It only seems five minutes ago since summer...But who cares because we have HSM 3 to watch at the cinema. Me, Miss C and her friend Miss O jumped on the bus into town. Miss C was most disapointed as it wasnt a double decker and she couldnt sit at the top.

Got to the cinema nice and early so we dashed in a grabbed some tickets. It was chocka in there and we were sooooo lucky because we got the last three tickets.

Next stop the popcorn and slush bar, then for the movie.

So what did we think girls?
Cheese at its best!

Monday, 13 October 2008

The Cheesy Smile!

 Today We are celebrating and I know you cant wait to find out why. Well, where do I start. I dont  know whats going on with Papas super duper cheesy smiles lately but we have decided that he deserves an award for them. 

This is a result of living in North Devon

P.S Papa hasnt actually seen this blog entry yet but he is going to be so chuffed when he does, how exciting, hehehe...

Mermaid spotted in North Devon!

At around 5pm Sunday 12th October a mermaid was spotted sunning herself at Westward Ho!

"What a sight she was" reported Miss C
"The shocking thing was she seemed to have lost her bikini top...must be all those waves!"

Beside The Seaside

Sunday was a scorcher so after lunch we headed down to the beach...
I sat myself down in a comfy spot reading my book while Papa and Miss ran off for a swim.
 Beside the Seaside
I love the coast,
the beach,
the sea,
But something always niggles me,
Sand in the sandwiches,
Wasps in the tea.
On with trunks and into the sea,
The thing that really pleases me,
Is to think how dilute...
The pee must be!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Freshly Caught Fish From Appledore Quay

On certain days of the week local fishermen pull up their trawlers along Appledore Quay in North Devon and sell freshly caught fish. How marvelous is that!

Fish glorious fish!

Glorious October Sun Along Appledore Quay

What is going on with the weather? Its the middle of October and you would think its more like the middle of August. Not that I'm complaining as Appledore Quay was a hive of activity.

Watching the comings and goings of the slipway is a favourite pastime of ours.
  The kids on the left have just finished jumping in and out of the Quay...Miss K keeps promising that she is going to do it.
  WOW...A local familys catch of the day...Miss C has decided that they catch more than us because they have a bigger bucket...Yep, we agree that must be it.
And a local fisherman heading out for his Supper!

Friday, 10 October 2008


Luna misses the kids so much when they are out and at school...She often sits for hours gazing out of the window just waiting for them to come home. Sometimes it all gets a little too much and she slowly drifts off to sleep.




Completely crashed out!

It really is a dogs life!!!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

John's Country Road

While My Friend M, her Hubby J and the kids came to visit us a few weeks ago we walked to Westward ho and during that walk Papa and Lil J kept singing the song Country Road by John Denver.

Little J didnt know all the words so Papa encouraged him to make them up as he went along.
Anyway they ended up singing the song all weekend and since being back home J has nagged his Mummy M that he wants to 'sing that song that Papa sings' so M dug out the song and recorded J singing to it, which he insisted she send to Papa.

We were so thrilled with it that I couldnt resist sharing it with you all...Your such a star J x

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Snails and The 32nd Cornish Regiment of Foot Soldiers

Miss C has an obsession with snails and I must admit so did I when I was a kid, so Ive been giving her a few tips on how to care for making sure they have plenty of air holes in the top of the jar and loads of vegetation that will.
  Fatten them up ready to cook for our supper.
  Only joking Kids...snails are a bit too crunchy for our liking, hehehe!

Anyway enough of me horrifying you all...over the weekend some soldiers came to visit the village.
 For all you fellow history Geeks they were part of The 32nd Cornish Regiment of Foot Soldiers, British Army (1808-1815).
  They took part in major conflicts including the battle of Waterloo, renowned for their Death Howl they took 647 men of all ranks into battle, at the end of the day there were 131 men left standing, they suffered the greatest loss of any regiment on that day.
  I love history and even in the pouring rain it was still good fun to watch them marching and shooting their guns up into the air. Papa and Miss C were much less impressed and I only managed to drag them along with the promise of ice cream.


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