Monday, 22 September 2008

A Beautiful Day At Westward Ho!

Saturday and the heat was on, another beautiful day so we headed off to Westward Ho!

Miss C and Miss N pretending to be puppies.
  A quick stop for feet washing before heading off for Northam Burrows.


  1. hi emma it is vicky cuz your blog is great i luve it cant wait to come and see your new house excited how have the kids setteld in hope they like there new school
    myne is fine just started year 7 not bad sciene is the best borring .... have to get new gallases can to the splits
    say hi to kev and the kids for me
    = torie

  2. Hiya Vicky...Thanks for your brilliant comments. We love your mums blog too...its so funny.
    We cant wait for you to come and stay with us...we will have loads of fun.
    I'm glad you have settled in to year 7 ok and that you like your new school.
    Love to your mum, Leanne and Rach,
    Love ya Billions
    Em and the Gang x



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