Monday, 29 September 2008

Sun, Sea, Sandcastles And Lifeboat Rescues

Over the weekend as we were passing the lifeboat centre we noticed some commotion.
  It looked as though they were getting ready to send the rescue boat out.

I wanted to be nosey and hang around but we had a much more pressing engagement.

Sandcastle building.

Hole digging.

And major burying!

Still...we didnt miss the excitement of the rescue because.

We saw them speed out.

And after about half an hour come back in towing their rescued boat.
We had just witnessed our first rescue!

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Crazy Horses

Every time we go out for a walk Miss C heads straight for the Horses. She is Horsey mad and her fav show is saddle club.

Now...Where are they hiding this time?


Look over there...more horses...

Here horsey horsey...

I'm surprized Miss C hasnt tried to get on the back of one yet...

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Something To Do On A Rainy Day - Cardboard Box House

The girls have settled into their new schools very nicely and Miss C wanted me to show everyone that she won her first award this week. Miss K is also doing well but is less eager for me to put her photo's on our blog.

Anyway one night last week Papa was helping Miss K with her homework. She had to sound-proof a shoebox and Miss C decided that she wanted to make something out of a box too, the only one we could find was an old sky plus box.

After a few minutes of thought we come up with the idea of a house for her little dolly Daisy and her very plastic pet dog, smudge...

We had hours of fun with our cardboard box.

And dolly loves her new home.

I Love Free rainy day entertainment!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Fairy Cakes

Miss C is bored...

Miss K is on her laptop, ignoring everyone, listening to music.

and Miss C's kids are having a nap...
so what could we do to pass some time before tea?
I know...make some Fairy cakes...Great idea mum!

In goes the egg...

Give it a little mix...

Definately lick the spoon...

mix up a small (ish) quantity of icing...

And hey presto...we have Fairy Cakes!

Domestic Goddess in the making...Watch this space.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Best Friends

Miss C and Miss N are the Bestest Friends in the whole world and over the weekend I snapped away with the camera so that they could have a blog dedicated to their friendship.

A time for reflection.
  and for catching up on all the gossip.

They had so much fun together.

They are a right ole pair of gasbags.

They got so carried away with paddling.

that they didnt realize the tide was coming in taking their wellies with it.

Luckily for them a couple of hero's were close by ...some local kids were digging for worms and rescued their wellies from being lost to the sea for eternity.

Cheeky monkeys!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Master of disguise

Lil J is such a charactor and a phenomenal master of you can see he has many different faces.

ice cream face...
  chocolate mousse face...

and most important...Sun cream face!
We would never guess it was J.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Northam Burrows

Walking to Northam Burrows is something we do often. It is a beautiful place. I love the wildlife here.

J felt a bit chilly after getting soaked on the beach so he came up with the ingenuous idea of lighting a bonfire with drift wood to warm up...the problem was getting it started but he had a good go.

and so did Miss N but to no avail, so instead we carried on walking to warm up.

After walking for a bit we were greeted by a friendly wild pony.

The kids gave the ole fella lots of fuss.

and the girls wanted to go and say hello to all the others.

but it was time to head back to Appledore.

So thats all for now from Northam Folks!


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