Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Year...New Life?

2008 was a year of change and of "Taking the bull by the horns and running with it!"

We were supposed to be moving back to Essex but ended up 400 miles in a different direction.
Not really sure why apart from the obvious reasons people move to Devon. It is truly beautiful and the people so friendly. Papa & I are very impulsive and live for the moment as we appreciate that every day of our lives is precious and should be as happy as we can make it.

We took a big chance as we have no friends or family here and over the past 6mths I have wondered if we made the right decision because I miss everyone in Essex so much, especially our eldest Son & Granddaughter.

Living here has changed our lives. But 2009 will be a year of seeing how things go.
An experimental year to watch and see how we settle here in this gorgeous place, so far away from everyone that we love.
Will we decide to give up Devon life head back to the Bright lights of London and Essex?
We will see.

Happy New Year to you all!

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The girls slept in this year. They didnt wake us up untill 7.30am which is pretty good going as we are usually woken at 5am. In fact I woke Papa at 5am and said "The girls will be up soon"
Papa wasnt too impressed, haha.

They loved all their pressies.

And the day was spent with everyone playing with their new toys.

Then for Christmas lunch.

Merry Christmas Everyone x

Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve is the busiest of all the days of Christmas. I had been out shopping all day from early morning, rushing round like a lunatic getting in all those last minute goodies.

Come the evening I was exhausted and all ready to for Santa. All except making sure Santa and his reindeer's had a snack waiting for them when they reached our house.

Miss C sprinkled plenty of magic reindeer food all over the front path.

Then placed a cup of milk, a mince pie and of course a carrot for Rudolph at the bottom of the chimney.

Once the girls were tucked up in bed we did what us Brits do best at Christmas. Cracked open the wine and watched the telly.

A blissful Christmas eve with my family x

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Christmas Hearts

We thought we would make some christmas cookies today.

Miss C loves to cook & bake.

She mixes the cookie dough beautifully and begins cutting.
Ive searched hi & low for my christmas cookie cutters but just cant find them.
I'm guessing they are in the boxes that I havent un-packed yet so C decided on love heart cookies.

What a wonderful job she did.

Put the kettle on, make a pot of tea and enjoy Miss C's delicious spicy cookies.

They went down a treat and were gone within minutes.
Well done C x

Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Boys Are Back In Town!

The boys have arrived home from Essex for Christmas.
Today was a lovely day so we decided to go for a walk and participate in a spot of crabbing. 

We tried for a while but didnt catch a thing. Not sure if the problem is the cold weather or not because during the summer months we catch lots.

We gave up and opted for rock pooling instead.
During our walk to the rock pools there was lots to see.

And my brother Mr T was interested in the colourful streets of the village

We Arrived at the rock pools.

And set off on our search.

The best find of the day.

The weather was turning rather chilly so me & Miss C retired to the bench.

The boys soon followed.
It was cold and not a lot to find.

Time for a quick stop at the park before heading home. Miss C was thrilled that she had someone new to drag onto the seesaw.

Good Sport Uncle T!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Last day of Term

Its the girls last day of term and Miss C made me & Papa the most gorgeous calender that I have displayed with pride.

And not only that her & Miss K spent the last of their pocket money on a lovely christmas card for us too

On C's last day she had a party with lots of goodies.

Miss K's last day was fun too and she has been given armful of pressies by all her new friends.
And decided against photo's with party hats, spoil sport...hehe!

Monday, 15 December 2008

Church Welcome

Last night we received a visit from the Village vicar bearing a gift of Chocolate and an invitation to Church. He only lives across the road.

I'm not at all religious but I respect & have a keen interest in other peoples religious views. It was a very welcome gesture and we will be making an effort to go to church at Christmas...especially for the carol service.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Waiting For The Boys To Come Home For Christmas

The boys are travelling home tommorow along with My brother Mr T and we just cant wait to see them all and share in the countdown to Christmas.

Even Luna is patiently waiting for her buddies to return home & make a fuss of her...

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Seasons Greetings!

Only 14 days to go until the big Day so I had to get myself organised and make time for my parcel wrapping, card writing.

And not forgetting hot choccy & cupcakes.

Monday, 8 December 2008

The search for Rudolph

Today we have received some top secret information.

Santa's reindeer's have been spotted in town.

The place was heaving with visitors all hoping to catch a glimpse.

Amongst the crowd were some interesting characters.

Gosh what a tall pirate.

Quick...Over here...Look closely...
I think I may have spotted Rudolph.

What do you think Santa.
Is that really your top Reindeer hiding over there behind the curtain?

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Thinking of Mum

This is our 3rd Christmas without Mum now and it isnt getting any easier, we miss her every moment of every day. Even more so at Christmas time.

Keeping everyday memories alive is my main reason for keeping my blog, especially for my children & Grandchildren to one day read back on and remember the little things we all too often forget.

Before Mum passed she told me that everytime I spot a pure white feather while I am out & about that it is her sending us a little sign to let us know she is checking in on us.

To us white feathers symbolize Mums presence & we make sure at Christmas we have white feathers on display which this year is the reef on the table & Miss K wanted to drape her feather boa on the mirror. Nanny would have loved that boa K...Very Glam.

Remembering You
Your time on earth seemed all too brief because I wanted you in my life forever.
And although I really miss you, in my heart I know that you are at peace.
Still, countless times throughout the day I find myself remembering you.
Although I cannot see or hear you, I know that you are with me.
I'll feel you in the warmth of the summer sun.
I'll see you in the brilliance of autumn leaves.
You'll be beside me in the peacefulness of a gentle snowfall and rejoice with me at the emergence of the first flowers of spring.
I'm thankful for the times we shared and the priceless memories too; for those memories are a comfort now when I lovingly - Remember You.
(Author Unknown)


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