Saturday, 20 December 2014

Our Year On Instagram

2014 has been a good year here at The Syders. Everyone has been kept busy and happy with lots of new opportunities coming our way. A happy and healthy year, that is all we can hope for with no-one needing to make any personal injury claims with the help of someone like Leo Claims. No, this year has been a lucky one and like most of us Instagram addicts I have been snapping away, documenting The Syders 2014.

We started the year with two new additions to the family - Tiger and Casper the kittens, who have not failed to make us smile throughout the whole year. I passed level one of the degree that I'm studying, which was a wonderful achievement for me. We had a productive spring in the garden as we began a bit of a makeover, enjoyed good food in lovely restaurants, had a river boat cruise along the Thames, a day out at The Tower of London, I sewed and I crocheted. I began a juicing diet, losing over two stone and lowering my blood pressure. We visited Thorpe Park, went on long river walks and I discovered that my Mothers cancer was not genetic!

We had an amazing summer, experiencing Camp Bestival for the first time seeing Basement Jaxx live, crying while watching my heroes Chas & Dave and sitting in the woods while the voice of Sinead O'connor echoed across the meadow. I felt completely terrified at The London Bridge Experience - woo, what a place! I went blond and hit the beach on the Costa Dorada. I celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary with the love of my life, my soul mate and my best friend. I went pilar box red and got a new job. This year has been a blast and I'm now preparing for a magical Christmas. I can not wait for another brilliant year in 2015. Bring it on! 

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Friday, 19 December 2014

Create A Festive Door Hanger

Country Basketsthe UK’s leading homeware, seasonal product and craft supplier have got some gorgeous Christmas decorations in this year. We were sent some baubles for the tree and a wreath for my front door, and I must say they look really fab. My eldest Daughter keeps commenting on the sparkly white baubles, and she tells me they are her favourite. They are really pretty and a nice, large size too. They look great. 

If you quite fancy having a go at making your own festive door hanger or are looking for something to make with the kids during the holidays, then follow these easy steps as demonstrated by Tracy Rowbottom, a designer at Country Baskets. All supples are available from their online store.

1. Take two small floral candle rings and wire together, back to back.

2. Tie a long piece of rope cord to the top, to create a handle. Make a ribbon band around the centre and tie into a bow on the top to hide your mechanics.

3. Repeat with two large decorative candle rings. Next take one small floral candle ring and tie a rope hanger and bow on top.

4. Cut three pieces of ribbon approx 10cms and secure one to the top of each Christmas decoration with the rope hanger.

5. Lay all you components out on the table, starting with the smallest on the bottom, finishing with the largest at the top. Tie firmly with a knot on the top when you are happy with your placements.

6. Tie a rope loop and make a bow to secure on the loop. To finish tie the bow and rope loop to the top of the hanger and cut off any loose ends.

7. Finished door-hanger


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