Saturday, 18 October 2014

Keeping The kids Warm On The Ski Slopes - Mark Warner Blogger Challenge 3

I've always fancied a ski holiday, in fact from a very young age I remember day dreaming about learning to ski, but have never got around to it. It would be a dream to take my kids and Granddaughter skiing, and if we were ever to go, then Polarn O. Pyret would be the ideal people to kit out the kids in cosy ski wear. I was really pleased to discover that they are involved with Mark Warner’s bloggers challenge #3. A lovely brand who sell gorgeous kids clothing from ages 0 - 12 years. Their outwear particularly appeals to me because I do love to see the kids wrapped up warm on a cold day. 

If we were to take a ski trip then the warm clothing I would pick from Polarn O. Pyret for my eight year old Granddaughter would be comfortable, breathable and most importantly, warm and waterproof. Layers are the key to comfort and warmth, from the cold slopes to stopping for lunch in a warm restaurant, easily peel-able clothing is essential.

  • Layer One - Thermals. These are a definite must for spending long periods of time in the snow. I love the Merino wool collection, its Swedish snowflake design is so cute. I just can't help but love them.
  • Layer Two - Fleece and Trousers. A warm fleece is so important especially for when your child gets too warm and wants to remove their coat. I have picked a wind and water resistant fleece for extra protection from the weather. Comfy trousers are crucial for all the physical activity on the slopes and I have picked some stylish white denim that will look great with the red items.
  • Layer Three - Ski Jacket & Waterproof Trousers. A warm padded ski jacket is really essential and it also needs to be waterproof for skiing. I like the jacket I picked because it has a cosy fleece lining and thumb holes at the wrists for extra warmth. Waterproof trousers are also important for protection against the cold icy snow.
  • Accessories - Hat, Gloves & Socks - I picked some cute red thermal socks that match the thermal under garments, a gorgeous red snowflake design hat and black gloves that are Windproof and water-resistant. I also love that the gloves have a dirt repellent finish - Genius!

*This is my entry into the  Mark Warner Holidays blogging challenge 3

Friday, 17 October 2014

Things I Struggle To Leave Behind When I'm Going On Holiday

I'm quite a minimalist when it comes to packing and I often get comments on how well I pack my suitcase when I travel abroad. I always only travel with a carry on whenever I fly because I like the convenience of not having to flaff around at the airport with checking in and collecting our bags. The problem with this is that you never get to take everything that you really want to take on holiday with you. A big benefit of holidaying in the UK is that you can literally take whatever you like, well as much as you can squeeze in the car anyway. My must have items when going on holiday in the UK are:

1. My Own Pillows. Even when I stay somewhere with really comfortable bedding I still always sleep so much better with my own pillows. And if I can take my quilt too, then even better.
2. All My Beauty Products - I can take as much serum, foundation, perfume and body lotion as I like without even questioning it. No 100mls squeezed into a tiny clear plastic bag.
3. Electrical Stuff - My straighteners, hairdryer, tongs, heated rollers, laptops, games consoles, you name it I can squeeze it all in. Yeah Baby!
4. Games - Board games for the nights we fancy staying in. I know that sounds a bit boring but some of our most fun have been on stay in nights. Usually we have a Bingo night in and I take a big bag of prizes. Everyone loves to win a prize.
5. Extra shoes - Not sure why, but us girls always feel so much better with extra pairs of shoes or boots on holiday. Even if we don't wear them, just knowing they are there is a comfort.

What are the things that you struggle to holiday without?

This is my entry post into the UK holiday must-haves competition


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