Saturday, 20 October 2018

Grether’s Pastilles Review

Grether’s Pastilles are made using an English recipe that is over 150 years old containing a unique formula that coats your throat with a protective layer, ensuring a strong throat and voice.

I must admit I had never tried them before now so I was very keen to give them a go. Papa Syder is always complaining of throat trouble as he does tend to suffer with sinus problems so I thought he would be the ideal candidate to give an opinion. Plus, our Daughter has a sore throat at the moment so she took a tin with her as she went about her day.

Grether’s Pastilles have a very rich history dating back to 1850 and are still made to the original recipe and are ideal for use as an aid for sore throats and common colds, so they arrived at just the right time to the Syder house.

A firm favourite with A-listers including Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Shawn Mendes and used as a pre-show ritual by pop sensation Harry Styles, my Daughter was very keen to give them a go. 

They are great for professions who put their voice under great strain on a daily basis; teachers, lecturers, singers, actors, presenters, broadcasters and call centre employees (not forgetting Mums & Dads!) are just a just a few examples of professionals who rely on the restorative properties of these Pastilles to keep their voice resonance and throats healthy.   
We love the vintage style tins and that you can refill. They fit so perfect into my handbag and into Papa's coat pocket. They taste delicious and I like that the pastilles are not too big, so easy to pop into your mouth. My Daughter text me half way through her day and said 'Mum, those pastilles are great! I wasn't actually expecting them to work, but my throat feels so much better!!!' This is the Daughter who's blunt opinions are rarely left unspoken! Already a big thumbs up. Then when Papa got in from work he said "I like those pastilles, can you get those again." He loved them! Big thumbs up from The Syders!

Grether’s Pastilles are available in four intense deliciously intense fruity flavours that include traditional blackcurrant, NEW elderflower, super fruit blueberry and anti-inflammatory red currants.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Tales of Ramion Book Review

We do enjoy a good bedtime story, here at The Syders. Papa Syder is well known for his colourful way of reading to the children so he loves nothing more than discovering a new series. Tales of Ramion a series of fantasy stories created by Frank Hinks and inspired by his own bedtime stories told to his three boys. 

I do like to buy children's books that are written by parents who have tested the stories out on their own kids because they tend to be the books that my kids love the most. I also think it makes the book more personal being able to relate to the author.

Ramion is a magical place where anything can happen. In these fantasy stories three boys travel the realm of Ramion with their cat Snuggle encountering marvellous adventures along the way. Trying to avoid the witch Griselda (who wants to eat them) and Princess of the night who likes to collect human sculptures, they aim to stay alive.

Beautifully illustrated with unique hand painted designs, Frank is a wife taught artist and his wonderful illustrations were developed under the watchful gave of his artist wife Susan Haire. I love them and so do our Grandkids.

I love that the books are a family affair and that Frank involved his wife and kids in developing the series of adventures. Inspired by his eldest son Julius who would give him the first line of a story at bedtime and Frank would complete the story with no idea how it would evolve. 

A lovely set of books they get a big thumbs up from The Syders, we found the stories to be quirky and engaging - Highly recommend. Available to buy from October 24th 2018 from all good bookstores, priced at £12.99. You can find out more about the Tales of Ramion on their Facebook page.


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